How to Get Clients in Real Estate: Proven Tips from the Pros

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Generating leads for any industry can be challenging, but this is particularly true for commercial real estate professionals. Whether you’re a new commercial realtor or a veteran real estate professional struggling to secure leads, you need to know how to win over clients in unique and effective ways.

Generating leads for any industry can be challenging, but this is particularly true for commercial real estate professionals. Whether you’re a new commercial realtor or a veteran real estate professional struggling to secure leads, you need to know how to win over clients in unique and effective ways.

Below, you’ll find 10 proven tactics for acquiring clients in real estate. Bid goodbye to that empty Rolodex and say hello to a steady stream of clients ready to buy or sell.

Read through to fill your wheelhouse with unique strategies, or click anywhere on the list below to skip to a tactic that piques your interest.

  1. Create a website
  2. Harness the power of social media
  3. Take advantage of available tools
  4. Stay in contact with prospects
  5. Do your research
  6. Host open houses
  7. Create a profile on a commercial database
  8. Search for clients
  9. Reward referrals
  10. Network

1. Create a website to expand your online presence

Part of learning how to get real estate clients is simultaneously learning to cultivate a strong online presence. This can be achieved in a multitude of ways, but website creation tops the list. Virtually everyone has access to the internet via smartphone, tablet, or computer. In fact, 90 percent of U.S. adults use the Internet. When a prospective buyer is looking for a commercial building, they’re most likely going to head straight to the internet and browse available properties. With a well-built online presence, your listings will appear toward the top of search results and bring in more clients.

To enhance your online presence, consider these website maintenance tips:

  • Detail your services, certifications, and expertise
  • Highlight previous properties you’ve sold and include testimonials from clients
  • Create a blog with relevant material that establishes you as an expert in your field
  • Improve your local SEO to help visitors find local listings
  • Implement lead generation elements, such as contact forms, to collect client contact information

2. Harness the power of social media

Social media can be a powerful tool when it comes to generating real estate leads. A 2018 report by the National Association of Realtors found that:

  • 77 percent of realtors use social media in some capacity
  • 47 percent of realtors believe social media results in the highest quality leads

With stats like the above, you can’t argue that social media doesn’t play an integral role in securing clients in real estate.

Here are some tips on how to get listings using social media:

  • Use platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to reach out to friends and acquaintances in your network. Allow them to reshare your posts to target a broader audience.
  • Platforms like Twitter can be used as a “micro-blogging” space where you can educate users on commercial real estate and your expertise.
  • Networking platforms like LinkedIn can be used to connect with business communities and network within your industry.

3. Take advantage of available tools

If you’re a realtor, you have access to a suite of tools that can give you a competitive edge to secure more clients. Commercial real estate marketing tools, such as professional property photography, property valuation reports, and marketing help, can assist you in finding clients and selling your listings.

When it comes time to search for new properties to acquire, take advantage of the data products out there. For example, environmental assessment uncovers the historical uses of your property, while a condition assessment outlines what capital expenses will likely be required to maintain the property. 

You can also take advantage of different marketing services. For example, Marketing Concierge by biproxi manages a multi-channel marketing campaign for your properties to attract more buyers, generate more leads and help you secure a buyer in record time.

4. Stay in contact with prospects

You know the old adage: out of sight, out of mind. Don’t get lost in the fray with prospective clients; generate real estate leads by staying in constant contact. Call your leads once a week or once every two weeks to provide any updates. You might also consider sending a weekly or biweekly email or newsletter with properties that may pique their interest.

5. Do your research

How do real estate agents get sales? They do their research. Don’t attempt to show a property you know nothing about. That’s the equivalent of visiting a car dealership and speaking to a dealer that doesn’t know the fuel efficiency of the car he’s selling.

Before showing a property, take time to sit down and research the neighborhood, any pertinent stats, such as days on the market and absorption rate, and the current cost of property taxes. Research the following elements, as well:

  • Building classifications
  • Usable and rentable square footage
  • Tenant improvements
  • Average utility costs

6. Host open houses

A commercial real estate open house functions in a similar fashion to a residential real estate open house. Open houses serve as a great opportunity to meet predisposed buyers who are on the hunt for commercial property. If your listing is located in a populous area, such as a shopping plaza, neighboring business owners may have connections with buyers looking for commercial real estate.

Here are a few additional tips on how you can get clients in real estate via open house:

  • Schedule your open house around mealtimes, such as breakfast and lunch—make sure to offer appetizers and snacks to entice people to come
  • Run a livestream on Facebook or Instagram to promote your open house
  • Create a giveaway and raffle off prizes to people who tour the entire property. For example, if your commercial property is near a concert venue, offer free tickets to the next concert.
  • Stage your property to make it more attractive to investors

7. Create a profile on a commercial database

Creating a profile on a commercial database is a great way to attract more clients. If you’re wondering how to generate real estate leads, a commercial real estate database will allow you to add your contact information, specialties, and resume for clients to view when they’re looking to buy, sell, or lease. A commercial database offers many useful benefits for brokers like you, such as:

  • Provide your name, phone number, and email address for clients to reach out to you
  • Import photos, maps, floor plans, and aerial footage of your listings
  • Provide property data that’s useful for leads
  • Post your listings to a nationwide audience and search for properties across the country

Commercial real estate databases give you the opportunity to showcase your listings to a broader audience, which can give you access to more qualified leads.

8. Search for clients

When you’re in the business of selling commercial real estate online, you need to actively search for clients. Comb through listings posted on Craigslist, eBay, and your local newspaper. Then, find the contact information of the current owners and reach out to see if they need help marketing or selling their property.

You may also consider targeting for sale by owner (FSBO) listings. Because these sellers don’t have a representative, you may be able to offer your services in order to help them sell their property faster and for more value.

9. Reward referrals

One of the top marketing tips for realtors on how to find clients for real estate is rewarding referrals. Create your own business cards with a referral line to give to your friends, family, and clients. They can then hand these cards out to people who are searching or interested in buying, selling, or leasing commercial real estate. When you receive a referral, send a special gift, such as a gift card, to the one who referred the new client.

10. Network

The above includes a variety of “new-age” tips for getting clients in real estate, but you can never underestimate the old-school tactic of networking. As a commercial realtor, it’s important to set aside time to sit face-to-face with those who can help you find leads, such as:

  • Realtors who might live too far from your location to conduct business but know people who may be interested 
  • Painters, landscapers, contractors, architects, and other workers who interact closely with buyers and sellers
  • Friends, family, and previous clients who may know of people who are in need of help with listing their property

Along with staying in touch with these connections, make sure to attend community events, such as trade shows, home shows, and conventions. At these events, perfect your elevator pitch to attract clients, and hand out business cards to increase name recognition.

Key Takeaways on How to Get Clients in Real Estate

Finding leads can be difficult for both new and seasoned realtors. With these tips on how to get real estate clients, you’ll be on your way to selling properties in no time. 

  • Expand your online presence by creating a website, maintaining a blog, and using social media to find listings.
  • Take advantage of online tools, such as those offered by biproxi, that can help you market your properties and find new clients.
  • Stay in contact with your clients so they don’t forget about you and turn to a new realtor, and always do your research to answer any question posed by potential buyers.
  • Generate new leads by hosting open houses of your property and by posting your contact information and properties on commercial databases.
  • Take matters into your own hands by searching for clients online and through referrals made by friends, family, and other connections.
  • Never underestimate the power of networking and draw on resources, such as other realtors and those who work closely with sellers, to find new leads.

At biproxi, we’re committed to helping you with every aspect of your listing. With our high-quality brokerage tools, you’ll be able to grow your business, build first-rate listings, and bring in new leads you wouldn’t have had access to otherwise. Get started today.

yan khamish

yan khamish

Yan joined biproxi after building and managing a successful Broker Channel at Ten-X, where he expanded engagement with the top commercial brokerage firms, industry associations and technology partners.


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