NAR Right Tool, Right Now Data Bundle

$6,800.00$7,400.00 $6,120.00$6,660.00

Property Title Report - Real Estate Title Search

Covering all of your bases, our Title Commitment & Search report gives you information and a commitment.

$1,000.00 $900.00

Phase 1 ESA Report

Get to know your property. Research the current and historical uses of a property for its environmental impact.

$2,900.00 $2,610.00

Property Condition Assessment (PCA)

What's it worth? Get a full evaluation of the physical condition and capital expenses required to maintain a property.

Everyone is nervous with the current quarantine situation, but good data can help ease their concerns. Preemptively start the data conversation with prepared assessments and market analytics. Beyond Due Diligence, impress your potential buyers answering questions before they ask them. Go into the initial chat expecting them to buy, helping to move the sale through faster and more effectively every time. Save money when you buy in a bundle. No coupon needed!

With this bundle you get:

  • Title Search
  • Phase 1 Environmental Assessment
  • Property Condition Report

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