The Wrap Up: What are the long-term impacts to how we work post-quarantine?

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This week we dove into the long-term impacts of how we’ll work post quarantine. We got to sit down with industry experts and talk through getting back to normal, the new normal and everything in between.
Wednesday Weekly: Working post covid

Our latest webinar dives into the long-term impacts of how we’ll work post quarantine. As we sat down with industry experts, Kyle Ladewig of Out of Office, Thatcher Milholland of biproxi, and John Heimbigner, of, we talked through: 

  • How companies are planning to get back on track
  • What you can do when you find yourself working on a smaller team and your resources are stretched
  • The state of offices and shared work spaces
  • Where technology is fitting in to all of this

Check out the full webinar below: 




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