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We drive buyers to your listings. Using targeted marketing campaigns and advanced algorithms, we reach potential buyers missed by traditional methods.


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Modern commercial property
sales & marketing

Get a team of brilliant digital marketers, fantastic designers and CRE professionals with decades of experience working on your listing.

We help you find more leads and close deals faster.

That’s Marketing Concierge, powered by biproxi.

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Close deals faster and smarter,
saving you time and money

The biggest impact on your business is building relationships. With high-quality listings, professional reports and sophisticated digital marketing, we streamline and optimize your sales process.

  • Our team has spent years studying and perfecting our digital strategy, specifically building out campaigns connecting the right buyers with the right commercial properties at the right time.
  • Just like you put together comps and valuations, biproxi actively tracks all commercial sales across the nation to constantly improve and enhance our proprietary marketing algorithms.

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